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Tao Ping Qiang village

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Taoping - Qiang - Pueblo, - 3.9 kilometers - away - from the downtown, - is -situated -in Li County. It is 163 kilometers away from Sichuan capital of Taoping pueblo is typical of the Qiang pueblos along the Zagunao Range of the Minjiang valle


The Historical Accounts of Jin Dynasty, the chapter of Fudeng says :"Xu Song and Hu Kong (the names of two persons) respectively collected 5000 pers​ons to build barbicans for defense." "Barbicans, the castle build of earth ." In ancient, fights often occurred between tribes .Especially in Tang Dynasty, a long drawn out seesaw battle was launched in the Minjiang valley between Tang imperial court of Central Plains and Tufan imperial court. Qiang people in Taoping built barbicans on the narrow pass for self defense. Barbicans, used or resisting enemies in wartime and living in postwar period , emerged naturally under this special historical background.

the villge of taoping acctually consisit of grand group of buiding , which has incorporated into main body of. the two barbicans and a number of adjoined turret and slated rooms , steping into Taoping, one would find himself shocked by the sight of the delicate salted room and the imposing barbicans that have been seasoned with years . the two graint barbicans in the shape of non-symmetic pentagon are standing erect among the residential quarter on the precipitous pass .

 balcony is built on the second floor of each room , which can be reached via a wooden ladder outside  ,surrounded by stonewalls  , the balcony looks a courtyard, this place is where the neighbors chat with each other , on a side  of balcony  there is a door to bthe inner chamber of the second flooor , in which ladder is set to reach the third or on the other flloer higher thah this. as the only passge to the inner chanmers . this door gurantees the safetyid the building 

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